Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Updated Character sheets With influence maps

I updated my character sheets by changing the weapons that some of my characters have and I was also thinking about the colours that would be appropriate for each character when I design their clothing although I know that I will have different colour tests to help decide. I also created a few influence maps to help me with creating a few more of the weapons. 

Character orthographic- Narrative

80's character 

Train character


I've been drawing my character orthographic images to prepare to go into photoshop. 

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Maya eyebrow tutorial


Character Project: Prop Thumbnails

Below are a few silhouettes for the magical bow and arrow that the Hero and villain are both on a quest to find. after speaking to Justin about my favourite design which is C he told me how to improve it by making it asymmetrical and making the centre thicker so that it doesn't look fragile and to also make the body of the bow thinner so that it works better. 

Character Class 3 - 4

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Narrative Pitch


Updated Final  Storyboard After Pitch 

Initial Final  Storyboard 

Final concepts & initial sketches - Narrative

The changes made are very small, I just changed the jaw line so that they are all the same  so that this would be easy for  modelling I made these changes after the pitch when my tutors said that it would be ok for the characters to all have the same head shape because I made their body types very similar to make modelling simple. 

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Narrative - character

I have been working on the character design for the three characters,  the group agreed on the facial influences that I would use to base the character on. I came up with characters after a lot of refining and the final characters will be based of the colour tests depending on the characters colours that the group like. I will also be adding a print to the train character and adding more shadows to the 2d line drawn character. 

80's character a-d

Train character a-d

Inventor a-d

Friday, 18 October 2013

Character project: Research

The thief trailer shows the outfit that is sort of ninja like and Arthurian in the sense that is has parts that resemble armor. I think that this is something similar to what I want my character to have in terms of her outfit design.


Character Project : environment Influence map

I was thinking about the temple that the bow would be kept in which is  a temple hidden deep in a mystical forest the white forest. even though I don't have to create the temple its easy for me to imagine the environment that my characters have to go through and knowing the climate and environment that they will be based in will help me when designing their clothing.

Narrative project: Character thumbnails

Above are thumbnails that I did for the characters, I liked one of the face shapes from set D and tried to create three different versions of the same character in set E. After the talk with Alan we were advised to go with a more stylized look and to look at actors and people who have faces that have a timeless quality.