Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Horse Texture Progression

Texturing Progression

The algorithm had to be pushed until it worked in the correct areas I focussed on the ears to allow me to see if it was working correctly 

The specularity on the horse made him feel like porcelain, so the specular maps were needed in order to tone things down. 
The saddle had to be tattered and the blanket underneath also had to feel worn so I used the transparency maps to push the tattered look. 

I wanted the reins and the horse overall to keep the qualities of the consept art. Transparency maps helped me retain the look that the concept art pushed. 
Testing the image planes and the horse texture 

The Horse has a seam in the front legs and I had to play with the texture until it blended 

I wanted to push out some of the muscles of the horse in a subtle way from left to right shows the prgression of trying to capture this 
The Mouth Tongue and Teeth Textue

The Diffuse colours transparency maps and specular maps 

Final Horse Texture Turnaround
Final Horse Texture

Friday, 20 February 2015

The Son Textured

Colour Blocking 

Initally figuring out the painterly texture on the face started of with the face shader but the painterly texture was not able to come through  very well because of the shader so I tried just using  a lambert but he was too pasty we then figured out that we could plug the texture into the diffuse layer and this gave us the colour pay off that we wanted while giving us the skin shader assets.

I wanted to try and break up the helmet layer of the hair so I played with the transparency and went in created the parting and little transparent strokes in the front to help the hair feel more like hair and keep with the painterly feel that we were trying to aim for.

after getting tthe colouring on the face correct i tryied to test out adding pores but decided to leave the son without pores because he looked better that way 

The brush strokes on the body then had to be figured out the son as a character is poor so i also wanted to give him a tattered appearance by playing with the transparecy and I thought that this would also keep things looking painterly also if he didnt have very clean edges. 

Testing the transparency on the edges of the clothing and getting the brush strokes to work 

Final texture 
Full Body Final texture

Final close up of the face
The Painterd Uv maps with specular maps and transparency maps. Also the son had an under colour of skin to push out his cheek colour and lip colour 

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Environment Modelling

I wanted to test if we could bring our trees into mudbox to add extra detail but the displacement maps would make our world to heavy therefore I think that we will use bumpmaps to add extra detail to the models 

The Mushroom Daughter: Rigging and Dynamics Completed

The Mushroom details on the side needed blendshapes controls to help pull out the mushrooms that would disappear into the geometry when the hips would move. 

 The Dress Ncloth

The mushroom ends didnt want to follow the dynmanic ncloth at first then they went a little crazy either behaving really stiff or too wild and finally they began to work after I parented them to rivets created on the ncloth 

 The flap ncloth with the dress dynamics and the mushroom ends

The hair dynamics worked well but the collison object would not work in the begining I tested an image plane out as a collision object and saw that it worked and created an additional collision object for the body to allow it to collide with the body

The Final mushroom daughter Rig has an additional control for the long strand of hair in the middle of her  face that is no dynamic. The spherical control beside the world control acts as an on and off switch to turn the dynamics on instead of searching throught the layers to help with the work flow. 

The dress has also got additional flap and dress controls to help unpick the dynamics if they become merged with the geometry