Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Prokaryotic song structure

The Prokaryotic Blues Structure for the song

Verse 1
An introduction to why the cell is sad

Verse 2
An explanation to what  DNA (nucleoid)  and Plasmid (DNA) do

Verse 3
What do Ribosomes do in the cell

Verse 4
 In  what does the Capsule, cell wall and plasma membrane do

Verse 5
What the Pili and the Flagellum do

Verse 6
Why she is happy to be a prokaryotic cell

The song doesn't have to have six verses  it could have more but it has to describe the the structure in that order.  

Expression sheet

Facial expressions and original turnarounds for the face 

Thursday, 14 March 2013


Prokaryotic Lyrics 

Prokaryotic  Blues , no one likes to learn about me in school
Prokaryotic  Blues , no one likes to learn about me in school
Its because I’m a little cell,
with no nucleus as the core of my shell

My heart is DNA that stores my genetic information  
Nucleoid DNA  a long thread all about  reproduction
Plasmids carry every thing else,
 Little circular structures carry this genetic formation

My cell thrives through communication, I’m sprinkled with Ribosomes
My cell thrives through communication, I’m sprinkled with Ribosomes
Building  proteins by translating messages from my DNA
It’s just like talking through a phone

Made of many layers, like an onion, Capsule, cell wall and plasma membrane 
Capsule is skin , Cell wall likes bones
Holding my shape together,
while my plasma membrane only lets certain things in

Little hairs called Pili help me stick to bacteria
Little hairs called Pili help me stick to bacteria
And my tale the flagellum
Gets me from place, to place

Prokaryotic  Blues , no one likes to learn about me in school
Prokaryotic  Blues , no one likes to learn about me in school
Its because I’m a little cell,
with no nucleus as the core of my shell

This is one of many attempts of me trying to write lyrics for my animation, it still needs help but I tried to use a template for the lyrics that uses a certain amount of syllables in each line. Some verses do not stick strictly to this but I just wanted to share what I have so.  All input is welcomed :) 

Maya rigging spine

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Final character design

I cleaned up the character  and tried to cell shade her instead of having her very painterly, I think that she fits into her background a lot better. 

Musical research

While talking to Emily she remembered a rap science song that she heard while she was studying A level biology, although she said it wasn't particularly helpful she said that she never forgot that DNA  makes protein.

Although this is not the genre I have in mind for my animation this is along the lines of what i'm aiming for hopefully it will not be this corny. Below is another science song that replaces the words of well known Bruno mars song with scientific lyrics. It's very catchy and I can understand why they chose such a well known song because it is so catchy and having the text there helps you learn while he sings the song.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

background tests

After gaining feed back about incorporating DNA fingerprints or using the a simplified version of the cell in a art deco style as the background I came up with  a few things below. 
DNA fingerprint


Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

Background A

Background B

Background C

Background D

Fantastic voyage character and background

After getting feed back about the backgrounds that people liked I decided to test the top favourites I like  both so i'm unsure about which one to use.
background 1

Background 2

The Blues Singer

I took Tutor Phil's advice on changing her pupils and giving her a mic to sing into to, I really like her overall look. 

Fantastic voyage Character design

After looking back at my original sketches of a more humanoid cell I revert back to  image 3  I changed her eyes because they were not working with her face. The first set of images are from me initially trying to change her head but I wasn't happy with any of them. Image 4 is my final resolved image of the cell. 
Image 2

Image 2
Image 3

Image 4

Image 4 back view 

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Influence map for environment and backdrop thumbnails

 After the OGR I was advice to look at art deco and I think that an art deco backdrop would be great to  on the back of the stage.
Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

Image 5

Image 6

Image 7

Image 8
I wanted to play with how I could create a stage my just adding black flooring and  a spot light light I want this world to be in black and white to reflect the era of the blues. But I wanted to experiment with colour in the lighting but I think that keeping it as a white beam works best. This is not my chosen backdrop yet,   I would like the input of my peers to help me  decide on which one works best.

Beam 1

Beam 2

Beam 3 

Inspiration for fantastic Voyage

Blues musical inspiration, Billie holiday is amazing and her overall style in the first video is what i'm interested in for the new direction for my character's design.

Cartoon influences
I was suggested to look at rubber hose animations in terms of my animation style,  in terms of keeping the animation in black and white and the way that the animation moves. I really think that this style will be very effective for what i'm trying to portray with the animation.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Blues music created from adobe audition

blues 1

blues 2

blues 3

In the adobe audition lesson I learnt how to loop music together and found a blues folder that I played around with. Its incomplete but I like the slow in and just having one instrument.I could possibly develop this for the sound track for my animation. 

Monday, 4 March 2013

Prokaryotic cell thumbnails

After doing more research on the Prokaryotic Cell I decided to focus on the structure of this cell for my project because I liked the components that make up the cell and its external appearance. I've created a few thumbnails of the Prokaryotic cell below.

Double sided shader & X- ray teeth

Double sided shader

X-Ray teeth

Felix Jr

Sunday, 3 March 2013

How to write a Blues song

I found a website that helps with write the music to a blues song it breaks it down really simply and even has information about how to write lyrics 

unknown(s.d)Construct a Blues song. At: http://www.wikihow.com/Construct-a-Blues-Song (accessed 03.03.2013) 

I also found a webpage that I took a screen shot of that explains how to structure the lyrics for a blues song.
unknown  (s.d).Writing blues lyrics Handout. At: http://www.jamesfrankel.com/Writing%20Blues%20Lyrics%20Hand.htm ( accessed 03.03.2013)

Cell research: Prokaryotic cell

Prokaryotic Cell research 

Influence maps and character biography

Character biography

The Eukaryotic cell is a misunderstood as a boring person it's  tired of people stereotyping it. The cell is singing the blues to express that its sad about being categorised as the dull person in the room.

I was thinking of basing the design influences for the cell with 1920's female blues singers and 1920's woman in general because that era had very interesting design language in terns of fashion and hairstyles and I was thinking of incorporating theses things into the exterior of the cell.

Character Influence map 

The environment for the performance of the cell singing about itself could be done on a stage. I don't want the stage to be too detailed I think a simple spot light with a curtain backdrop would be enough to elude to a stage. I think that the lighting will be the key focus, the colour of the spot light will set the visual tone of the song. 
Environment Influence map