Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Final character design

I cleaned up the character  and tried to cell shade her instead of having her very painterly, I think that she fits into her background a lot better. 


  1. Hey P-G,

    That's great that George is working with you - and I love that bluesy, slightly lazy sound - BUT - even when I was listening to it, I was thinking 'this is going to be hard to write for' (and get someone to sing for) because the melody-line isn't very distinct; I just think you're going to struggle to get this style lyricised - because it's actually quite complex. I think you should ask George to go for something more emphatic and identified in terms of blues structure, which might mean stepping away from the Billie Holiday sound (but not the look) - listen to these as examples that George might find helpful - 'Big Momma Thornton'

    If you listen, they've got the classic structure that you blogged about a bit previously. What George has written is very atmospheric, but writing for it (as a novice song-writer) is going to be hard. And in terms of getting a singer to help you, I'm sure if you gave them the track + your lyrics + some examples of this kind of thing, your singer could pretty much improvise and make it fit!

    So - thank George, but just acknowledge why you might need things to get a bit more basic musically - more obviously structured into verses etc - so you can do the next bit okay!

    This is very exciting - so well done - and keep going - and if you can't quite bring all these things together for the pitch, maybe consider using a placeholder track (like one of these Big Momma Thornton tracks) so people know what you're aiming for. Onwards!

    And the character is looking much more 'on message' now in terms of painting, but I might just ask our character designer lecturer from Year 2 to pass by your blog with a bit more advice: :)

    1. Thank you, I listened to the links and this is more of what I was imagining I have informed George of the new plan :)