Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Environment Design - Adaptation Part B

I really like  environment design E but I think that it might be too much for the scene and too time consuming when I would like my focus to be on my characters. I also like environments C and A I think that they have enough interest to compliment the characters. 

Maya Tutorial - Maps part 11 final render

Final Bridge

Maya Tutorial - Xnormal and Photoshop Helmet

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Character development- Adaptation part B

Character Development 

Initially I was trying to develop character development part 2 into cuter creatures but I didn't like where they were heading. So I went back to my initial sketches an played with their structures to try and create something that was cute that had a bit more form to the structure. Also with the idea of now having a mini army of creatures composing of three characters that would look the same like the smurfs but would just have different personalities and textures to distinguish them, I thought that the cuter creatures made a better base for this concept. 

I like the results of A1, A2, B2, C2 AND C3 I could imagine these creatures being effective in a group of three and with three different personas such as lazy grumpy and happy. 

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Character Development

In my previous post i forgot to mention where the inspiration for the characters came from they are inspired from animals from Japan that I merged to creature my Autumn spirit. Below are the development sketches from the initial sketches that I posted. Using inspiration from David Colman and studying how he uses line to inspire my drawings. I really like the results of A3, B3 and C1. 

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Influence maps and forgotten drawings

This is an influence map with the work of David Colman, I really like his style and the way that he pushes his creatures to be visually interesting, I want tot use his work to influence my designs so far to push the creature design to its full potential. 

It was also suggested that I should look at the Moomins and while looking at the Moomins they really made me think about some of the Dr Seuss creatures that are very plump and round. Although these influences are not Japanese I think that they have a design language that will lend to my project without making it feel like i've stepped away from the original concept of the characters having japanese influences. 

These drawings influenced the drawings of my initial drawings and just allowed me to warm up and get a feeling for what I was trying to draw. Some of them have no design involved but are just about me understanding the way that certain animals are formed.

Mudbox- Texturing

Monday, 17 February 2014

Character Thumbnails - Adaptation Part B

I'm still trying to figure out whether I want the creature to have a prop or not but I like I, J , K, A and L,  the prop is just a representation of the overall look of what I would want the prop to look like If it is decided  that the prop will be incorporated the prop will be developed properly.  

Maya tutorials- Pillar Maps & Rope Maps

Pillar Maps

Rope Maps

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Adaptation part B - Understanding my character

Research drawings 

To get the best from my character I had to really understand how he moved what he ate and how he lived, to design him so that he would be able to move and look appropriate for his environment. 

Questioning my Autumn Spirit

What does the Autumn Spirit eat? 

He eats the spring energy that is trapped in the trees, this would relate to the concept of their being Kadama spirits in trees in Japanese culture. 

When does he eat?

He feeds on the spirits once a year after waking up from his year long hibernation. He starts his feast during the day and will continue eating nonstop until he's fed from every tree in the forest. This can take him a week and will sustain the Autumn spirit for the following year.  

How does he eat the spirits trapped in the tree? 

Option no.1 
He has a extended finger that he can push into the trunk of the tree and he can pull out the spirit energy that is trapped.

Option no.2 
His mouth is like an ant eater long and narrow and he places his mouth on the base of the tree and he sucks the spirit out of the tree. 

Option no.3 
He has a special object that he pushes into the tree that grabs the spirit. 

Can the spirit defend himself and does he need to? 

The spirit has an element of camouflage in his design allowing him to look like a part of his environment so that he can hide from humans . He is not able to defend himself because he doesn't have any predators that are after him he is at the top of the food chain. 

Where does he sleep ?  

Idea no1.
The spirit sleeps inside of a cave in the middle of the forest. 

Ideas no.2 
He sleeps inside of a rock or tree or inside of the neighbouring mountain. 

What are some of his characteristics ? 

He is always hungry, and doesn't interact with humans. 

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Myth and Legend Research - Adaptation Part B

The Momijigari Festival 
In Japanese culture in the Shinto religion nature has a Kami ( a diety or spirit ).
The Goddess Amaterasu is rooted in her asssociation with nature and their formation of the landscape and the origins of fire wind and light. There is a story in which Amaterasu hid her self in a cave because she was upset with her brother and all vegetation died because they couldn't obtain her light, the other gods had to trick her to get her to get out of the cave and to restore the earth.

Tree spirits are referred to as Kodama and they have the form of trees but have spirits trapped inside of them from the elderly that pass away in the nearby towns. They do not contribute to the forest but are said to be responsible for the delayed echoes in mountains. I do not think that I would be introducing Kodama spirits into this piece because they do not contribute to the forest or to its seasonal change.

Nature is reverenced in Japanese culture and the Ise shrine is dedicated to the Sun Goddess Amaterasu, the Shrine is located in the a  forest  amongst  giant crytomeria trees, at the foot of Mount Shimaji and Mount Kamiji.

Japanese cartoons have a distinguished style in which they draw their characters and animals and I would like to use this as inspiration for the style that would inspire the design for the character. 

I would like to put elements of Amaterasu into the design because she is the goddess who is responsible for the environment so this character would be the creature that is directly connected to her that changes the seasons from summer to Autumn.  I would expect there to me four different spirits who would all have a job for changing the seasons, but my focus would be on the Autumn Spirit who would also be the spirit of the Momijigari Festival

The Obon Festival 

The Obon festival is celebrated by placing food offerings at buddhist shrines kept in an individuals home. The lanterns are used as a way of guiding their ancestors from world to the next. 

Because the Obon Festival is also Japanese it will also have the same illustration references that The Momjigari festival has. 

The Holi Festival 

The holi festival originated from many stories one story claims that Krishna was complaining to his mother about how fair his sister was, his mother told him to choose any colour and to paint it on her face. Krishna decided to take up this offer and mischievously painted his sister's face. The story passed dow from generation to generation then became a festival where people took part in having fun with colours. 

The influences that I found for this holiday was through researching Indian Art and there is a section dedicated to elephants, my influence map only has a few examples, these elephants would inspire the characters final look. 

Final conclusion 

After doing some more research the festival that I want to focus in on is the Momijigari Festival I think that it has an interesting concept and I like the information supporting this festival and I think that this will generate really interesting characters. 

Monday, 10 February 2014

Festival Influence Maps - Adaptation Part B

Animals native to Japan
The Momijigari Festival 

Japanese Autumn flowers and leaves

Inspirational images for the Character
I would like to combine an animal that is native to Japan that lives in the woodlands or forest so that it has a connection with the trees and autumn foliage, combining  it with the environment will create a creature that will embody the forest and the festival. The Creature will be peaceful and be a creature that changes the seasons to allow the Autumn festival to commence. The festival is about taking in nature and appreciating the change in the season and the vibrant colours that Autumn creates to the lush greens that summer and spring induced.

The Holi Festival. 

The character inspiration  
Inspiration for the design 

Elephants have sand baths to keep their skin free from parasites but the process looks very similar to the Holi festival with the dust resembling the dye. Elephants are also family oriented and will stay in a herd of a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 25. The festival is about having fun and and spending time with your families. I think that a baby elephant would be best to embody this festival because they are playful and a part of a family unit that are very close.  Krishna is a prankster as a god in the hindu religion and a very delightful person he is the God of love and Holi is also referred to as the festival of Love, his appearance clothing and colouring can influence the design and the colour of the character. Also the core of a family is love so I think that he would be the best god to be associated with this festival. 

Krishna however is associated with Cows but for this festival the  elephant works best he is able to be playful and use his trunk to blast dye into the atmosphere and elephants also connote a sense of family and unity which the festival is about.  

The Obon Festival 
The Obon festival is all about lights and using the lanterns to help guide their ancestors from the spirit world to the human world and back again .A lot of sea creatures who are bioluminescent use their light as a way of communicating. And I think that this would make a great way to embody the spirit of this festival. 

I think that the Obon lanterns will influence the design of the sea creature who will become angular. 

Final Festivals List- Adaptation Part B

Three festivals that I have chosen to go forward with are the Japanese Obon Festival, The Holi festival and the Momijigari Festival. They are all very different but very interesting and I think that they would be a great foundation to generate characters from. The Momijigari festival is new and it isn't in my original festival list but I wanted a festival that incorporated nature. 

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Infographic- Transition Tests and layouts

After changing the font, I realised that I had not written the title correctly it didn't had the how to make your own, incorporated. This made the title longer when I changed it to fit with the original layout that I liked so here are a few test that I have done to try and figure out how the intro should visually look like. 

Below is test 6  in the way that I would like it to transition into the scene to introduce the Infogaraphic. Please comment below the layout that you think that works the best or any opinions on how to improve the intro. 

Also step 3 and 5 have the same number of words I wasn't sure which layout worked best and I want them to have the same format so please comment which one you think works best. 

I have an issue with my background colour at the moment because these are all separate files but once I place them into one file  I hopefully they should  have the background colour of the intro. 


Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Font test - Adaptation Part A

Infographic Transition Test - Adaptation Part A

I've made the text slide into position instead of everything on screen and I also changed the orientation of the cup and the set I wanted to do this for each step but would it be too much and wouldn't work well. Maybe I should keep the mug and the husband and wife in the same place and just pop in the extra children that come into each step.

Any feedback is appreciated please. 

Updated Infographic progression- Adaptation part A