Saturday, 15 February 2014

Adaptation part B - Understanding my character

Research drawings 

To get the best from my character I had to really understand how he moved what he ate and how he lived, to design him so that he would be able to move and look appropriate for his environment. 

Questioning my Autumn Spirit

What does the Autumn Spirit eat? 

He eats the spring energy that is trapped in the trees, this would relate to the concept of their being Kadama spirits in trees in Japanese culture. 

When does he eat?

He feeds on the spirits once a year after waking up from his year long hibernation. He starts his feast during the day and will continue eating nonstop until he's fed from every tree in the forest. This can take him a week and will sustain the Autumn spirit for the following year.  

How does he eat the spirits trapped in the tree? 

Option no.1 
He has a extended finger that he can push into the trunk of the tree and he can pull out the spirit energy that is trapped.

Option no.2 
His mouth is like an ant eater long and narrow and he places his mouth on the base of the tree and he sucks the spirit out of the tree. 

Option no.3 
He has a special object that he pushes into the tree that grabs the spirit. 

Can the spirit defend himself and does he need to? 

The spirit has an element of camouflage in his design allowing him to look like a part of his environment so that he can hide from humans . He is not able to defend himself because he doesn't have any predators that are after him he is at the top of the food chain. 

Where does he sleep ?  

Idea no1.
The spirit sleeps inside of a cave in the middle of the forest. 

Ideas no.2 
He sleeps inside of a rock or tree or inside of the neighbouring mountain. 

What are some of his characteristics ? 

He is always hungry, and doesn't interact with humans. 

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