Monday, 10 February 2014

Festival Influence Maps - Adaptation Part B

Animals native to Japan
The Momijigari Festival 

Japanese Autumn flowers and leaves

Inspirational images for the Character
I would like to combine an animal that is native to Japan that lives in the woodlands or forest so that it has a connection with the trees and autumn foliage, combining  it with the environment will create a creature that will embody the forest and the festival. The Creature will be peaceful and be a creature that changes the seasons to allow the Autumn festival to commence. The festival is about taking in nature and appreciating the change in the season and the vibrant colours that Autumn creates to the lush greens that summer and spring induced.

The Holi Festival. 

The character inspiration  
Inspiration for the design 

Elephants have sand baths to keep their skin free from parasites but the process looks very similar to the Holi festival with the dust resembling the dye. Elephants are also family oriented and will stay in a herd of a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 25. The festival is about having fun and and spending time with your families. I think that a baby elephant would be best to embody this festival because they are playful and a part of a family unit that are very close.  Krishna is a prankster as a god in the hindu religion and a very delightful person he is the God of love and Holi is also referred to as the festival of Love, his appearance clothing and colouring can influence the design and the colour of the character. Also the core of a family is love so I think that he would be the best god to be associated with this festival. 

Krishna however is associated with Cows but for this festival the  elephant works best he is able to be playful and use his trunk to blast dye into the atmosphere and elephants also connote a sense of family and unity which the festival is about.  

The Obon Festival 
The Obon festival is all about lights and using the lanterns to help guide their ancestors from the spirit world to the human world and back again .A lot of sea creatures who are bioluminescent use their light as a way of communicating. And I think that this would make a great way to embody the spirit of this festival. 

I think that the Obon lanterns will influence the design of the sea creature who will become angular. 

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    It's a challenge to design but I like the Obon Festival, interesting idea.