Sunday, 3 March 2013

Influence maps and character biography

Character biography

The Eukaryotic cell is a misunderstood as a boring person it's  tired of people stereotyping it. The cell is singing the blues to express that its sad about being categorised as the dull person in the room.

I was thinking of basing the design influences for the cell with 1920's female blues singers and 1920's woman in general because that era had very interesting design language in terns of fashion and hairstyles and I was thinking of incorporating theses things into the exterior of the cell.

Character Influence map 

The environment for the performance of the cell singing about itself could be done on a stage. I don't want the stage to be too detailed I think a simple spot light with a curtain backdrop would be enough to elude to a stage. I think that the lighting will be the key focus, the colour of the spot light will set the visual tone of the song. 
Environment Influence map

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