Tuesday, 12 March 2013

background tests

After gaining feed back about incorporating DNA fingerprints or using the a simplified version of the cell in a art deco style as the background I came up with  a few things below. 
DNA fingerprint


Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

Background A

Background B

Background C

Background D


  1. I like 2 and 3 - but I LOVE 2, even though it's not expressly deco - just looks very 'night club'! I'd like to see you really clear up the lines in your character, P-G - take her into Illustrator, for example, to get a really clean, uniform line - she remember the rubber-hose references - think 'cel shaded' not 'painterly' - less tones, more 'flat' colour - more this:


    and this:


    and less this:


    Also - that spotlight would be coming straight down - and again, would be delineated by neat precise line. Think rubber hose - look back at the references and really synch your style accordingly!

  2. wow these look great, i can imagine the shapes from 2 bouncing in time to the music

  3. Just clarify your image numbering...maybe number backgounds 1,2,3 etc and images a,b,c etc...as it is not clear when Phil for example is talking about liking 1 and 3, but loving 2, if it is the firast lot or the 2nd. (By the way, I love image 2, too, but then I would, wouldn't I? ;) )

  4. I like Image two, mainly because you character really zings out form the background. And I really do like that character! Great work Peta Gaye

  5. Hey P-G! :D This reminded me of your background work http://www.flickr.com/photos/tsevis/8554505296/in/photostream/lightbox/

  6. I love four personally it reminds me alot of Keith Haring's art http://www.pop-shop.com/page/keith-haring-pop-shop-history