Thursday, 20 September 2012

For the summer project I started off with the life forms section first, I found it easiest to draw the objects from the inspiration sheet then adding to the images,to create something new.


  1. Hey Peta! Welcome to the CGAA community! I'm Emma and I will be your mentor for the year :)

    It's great to see you blogging and sharing your work as this will really help with receiving constructive feedback so my first tip is to blog everything related to the work you are doing no matter how small it may be. It just shows your work/thinking process effectively and is also a good way of planning because you can then go yup tick that off because I've uploaded that!

    Do not feel afraid to share your work but rather approach blogging confidently and this will rub off to show professionalism and organisation.

    My next tip is to number your drawings so that when you receive feedback your drawings can be easily referenced. It is easy to forget, I still do it myself so don't worry if you do but you'll soon get used to it being part of your uploading process :)

    If you want to ask me any questions or would just like a chat feel free to comment on any post on my blog which is or email me at

    If you see me at uni don't be afraid to give me a wave or come and say hi!
    I look forward to meeting you tomorrow/next week. Keep up the good work!