Monday, 1 October 2012

Cinematic Spaces:The Magic Isle & Queen Coo-ee-oh

I found it easier to start drawing elements of the structure such as the columns that i wanted to incorporate on the dome structure that is on Queen Coo-ee-oh's island. I thought of adding columns after the lecture on classism and looking at greek sculptures and architecture and how they can connote order and formality. Queen Coo-eeh-oh is described as this very formal person who thinks very highly of herself, so i wanted her dome to reflect her attitude and personality.


  1. I think by having these - you could easy start building the certain building, or even the whole view of the place : )
    Don't be afraid and go for it!

    1. *easly

      And what my drawing tutor used to say: "Even if you think that right now it's not a good time to start drawing - do it. Produce 100 ugly pictures and be sure, that 101 is going to be epic"