Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Gaia the earth God

I started to think about how i wanted to depict the gods within the scene i thought about  how some religions have some sort of shrine or statue to represent their god like in buddhism. Figure one is an example this.

But i don't want Gaia to be a separate part of the environment but to flow as rock formation or as part of a tree. I started to draw how i would depict Gaia and as mother earth i wanted to depict her as pregnant, because i thought that this fits her and i want her to be apart of the environment because she represents nature and the planet so having her feel organic and as part as the environment would be fitting. 

I drew images 1-4 first to get an idea of how i wanted Gaia to be positions then i turned images 1-2 in stencils unintentionally i wanted to turn her into a tree so i thought by cutting out patterns i could create a tree like or maybe vine like look to her. I really liked the end results and i want to use one of these images in my final concept.


image 5-6


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