Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Jurassic priestess cave drawing

I wanted to create a stencil of my character to go on the walls as part of the cave drawings I want to be on the walls that depict how future Priestesses should praise the gods.  I wanted to focus on negative space and making the image appear on the wall . I then took my stencil into photoshop and used the skills I learnt in the last photoshop lesson and added texture masks and played around with the colours to make it appear like something that was drawn on the walls.




  1. I love how creative you are in this task! This was a great idea and it looks believable!

  2. These are so interesting! At first glance I thought these were stencil and spray paint, but to know you have used the Photoshop techniques is great. These techniques will be really useful when your creating the textures for your 3D scene :D