Saturday, 12 January 2013

Potential Script ideas: Idea 3

Idea 3 (a development of idea 2)

An inventor creates a machine that can make women look younger. He sets up a cosmetic surgery under a false alias as a Doctor so that no one will question the safety of his machine. A customer comes in one day with her pet cat , she goes into the machine while the cat waits outside of the machine for her treatment to take place. The cat has a captured a bird unknowingly to the owner and the ‘Doctor’ and while fighting with this bird he and the bird end up falling into the heart of the machine. This then pushes the ball bearings out of the machine fusing the separate parts of the machine together changing its function. The Result of the cat and bird falling into the machine is eminent. When the machine doors open a young female part cat and bird is inside. The ‘Doctor’ unsure of what to do with this creature he knocks the creature unconscious with the nearest object. He then decides to have it mounted by a Taxidermist claiming it to be a creature he killed on one of his hunting expeditions. He brings the stuffed and mounted creature back into his office as a decorative piece. 


  1. The only question is how would the cat hide the bird and why would it even be allowed near the machine? : D
    Apart of that the story is really cool! The creepy ending is really great! Kind of a thriller story : D I like it a lot!

    1. Thanks I was thinking that the cat could hide the bird in his owners purse . And maybe he escapes out of the animal confinements in the clinic while the 'doctor' is distracted.

    2. hmmm...the doctor could be a taxidermist himself! In one room he has that beauty clinic and in the other the taxidermist's stuff! That could explain how the cat ran away and he would have to make up the stories about hunting expeditions : D

    3. I really like this idea I'll get to workin incorporating it into my story thank you :- )