Monday, 14 January 2013

Potential script ideas: Storytelling and commission

Idea 5 stemmed from a conversation that I had with a classmate, and idea 6  was the result of Tutor Phil's response to my former script ideas. 

Idea 5
A shady plastic surgeon buys an all inclusive plastic surgery machine that was on offer on the shopping channels. He doesn’t see the need to read the instructions and sets up the machine with a vital missing part the ball bearings. He begins to use the machine but every patient he has comes out looking beautiful but dead and perfectly preserved. He decides to hide the bodies in his flat. And continues to use the machine gaining more and more customers and making a lot of money but filling his apartment to the brim with preserved people. He then has the idea to sell them as mannequins. (I can’t think of how this could end but I think that the surgeon would be punished in some way)

Idea 6
A husband obsessed with making his wife look perfect takes control of her life deciding what make up she wears to what hairstyle she has. After the birth of their child she gained a lot of weight and he was determined to get her back in shape quickly so he decided to book her in for the newest plastic surgery procedure. While his wife was in the machine the ball bearings slipped out of the machine and it malfunctioned. His wife came out looking the best that she had ever looked but she was dead and perfectly preserved. The Doctor in charge was nervous about what the husband would say but to his surprise the husband was ecstatic that she looked like his perfect vision of her, he didn’t mind that she was dead. He paid the surgeon and took his wife home and set her up in his living room so that he could admire her.


  1. Idea 6 is very 'Stepford Wives'!!
    I like idea 5, but, yes, you need a way of wrapping it up...maybe he could become even more successful as a mannequin seller than he was as a plastic surgeon?

  2. Peta-Gaye, SO CREPPY.
    I like both of them but, uehh - shivers.

    Idea 5 - maybe the mannequines could still be alive inside? Still able to move their eyeballs though the doctor never realized or something like that. Then it would be easier to punish him - just put him in the machine and also change into a mannequin?

    In 6 I think the reason for the wife to get uglier should be different. How could their child react if they saw their mother in the living room, standing still and not moving? :I

  3. Hey Peta-Gaye,

    Both of these are beginning to make sparks! I think you should continue to develop them both for a short time, because they both feel like they could be very effective! (I think the 6th idea could end soooo creepily with the new-born baby in the arms of the dead wife in a grim pastiche of perfect family... shudder!

  4. I like idea 6! I can imagine a lose up oif the husbands face as he is faced with his perfect dead wife, contorting to a look of shock and then ecstatically shaking the hand of the surgeon before taking her home!