Monday, 4 February 2013

Character development for the wife before surgery

I decided that I wanted the wife to remind the viewer of food when you initially meet her, after looking at the site a cup o'doodle I was inspired to use the silhouettes of pastries for her head and body shape. I thought pastries were perfect for my character because she's a sweet person who's a little chubby.

I looked up patisseries and sweet treats that could be found in a bakery or a sweet shop then choose the shapes that were most interesting for me to use as the inspiration for the head shape of the wife before she goes through a series of plastic surgery.

From left to right A-I

From left to right J-R

From left to right S-Y


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  2. i like C and F, i think they contrast each other, C looks quite old and more "let go of herself" but i think C looks younger and more innocent, but to go with your story, i think L, U and X would really fit

  3. I absolutely LOVE the idea behind these idea generations, linking them to parties. Its just brilliant and I can't wait to see the more veggie based husband. As for choosing a few of the faces, I'm afraid I'm stuck, I like A,C,T,X for no particular reason. Really looking forward to more ideas Peta-Gaye!