Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Character development: The wife before surgery

After feedback from my peers about the silhouettes they liked for the female character before she goes to surgery. I decided to put the chosen images together and I picked out the three that I thought would be best for the character and developed them further. 
From left to right A-F 
From left to right  1-3


  1. Hi P-G!

    You know, I think you should consider simplifying your line style; for instance, the hair is too painterly and is obscuring structure and form, likewise, the very painterly approach to the 'colouring in' is also working against the structure of your head shapes. Can I suggest you seek to keep it much more line and shape based at this design stage; check out this 'Art Of' from a graduate last year, who was a great character designer, who similarly designed a cuddly, food-centric character - and notice too how simple he keeps things in terms of line and paint-up (paint up only comes after the structure is understood and communicated. Think of the hair as a solid shape too (more like the icing on top of a cupcake) - think structurally, not painterly at this stage. Also, if you haven't done so already, look at the practical face build-up exercises in the Loomis PDF - Drawings Cartoons and Characters - available on myUCA/Story&Commission/Learning Materials/Character Design Resources... Just take a moment to change-up your method and go back to basics.

    1. Phil what student were you talking about you didn't add a link

    2. sorry P-G - just saw this reply, and NOW I understand why the lovely Anita in year 2 dropped by to give you the link: sorry, stoopid tutor, but here's the link to the specific post I wanted you to take a peek at: