Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Research: Blues music and animation influences

After speaking to Tutor Phil about the fantastic voyage project we discussed the many musical directions the project could go in. We decided that the musical direction would be determined by the characterisation of the Eukaryotic cell whether it's a proud character who wants to show off then a  swing soundtrack would go well to push the character and create that atmosphere. But I really like the idea of the Eukaryotic cell being sad  and melancholic that it's not loved by others because they think that it's boring and it is singing the blues to explain how amazing his structure is and the functions of his structure.

Below is an example of the what  I imagine  the music for this project will be like. 

I want the song Eukaryotic cell's song to have an educational tone like songs like dumb ways to die,  that teach you about safety while having a comedic approach but still sending the message across of safety. My message will be a teaching device I want to generate a song that will be catchy helping students to remember the structure of the Eukaryotic cell.


  1. As mentionned before this is a great idea. I had envisonned a slightly beatier track with regards to the bluesy one, like Dumb ways to die. But all the same I can see this moving in awesome directions!!! :D

  2. the Lonnie Johnson track really shows you how 'simple' the structure of the song could be...