Friday, 15 February 2013

Surgical machine

I liked the silhouettes of these machine and wanted to work into them to make them feel more man made. Figure 3 was my favourite so I developed it to a state of completion I liked the organic form and it reminded me of the venus fly trap a plant that on the out side seems harmless but when an insect touches the tiny hairs inside of it closes and traps them. And my character is enticed by this machine and the fact that it's suppose to make her beautiful.  I used the colours from venus fly trap which has a green outer colour and a red inner colour , I want the inside of the machine to be red because the bounce light that it would produce when my character is inside will be a great indicator of the danger that she's in. I was also influenced by cars for these structures because I wanted to look at man made machines to adapted segments from them and to transform them on to my surgical machine.

Image 1-3 from left to right 


  1. Hey P-G! That last design on the right is pretty awesome! I love it - it's so organic and sci-fi - but just remember you need to ensure it fits the rest of your world too, because it's not 'alien technology' it's just 'advanced technology' - don't get me wrong; I think that design is fab, just watch the 'visual concept' of your world as a whole.

  2. as far as your script goes, i think 2 works, its the one i picture when reading it, however, i agree with Phil, the last one looks amazing and i think it could work