Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Fixed textures and started Rigging

I had a problem with where my Textures connected because I had imported my Alpha channel into my Maya scene but now the line has gone In Image 3. I also changed her face slightly by giving her more of a chin when I got feedback from my previous most on Modelling I also elongated her tail because I had underestimate the length it should have been to wrap around and hold onto her mic. I have also added lips to her face which I do like and I am happy with how she is. I am also is the process of rigging her, I've finished her body rig and i'm going to move onto her tail. 

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4
Image 5


  1. Hi P-G,

    Have just heard back from the singer... the original backing track is actually out of time and she can't sing to it. Remaking the backing track is also too much of an ask. I have just suggested that maybe she sings the master track, and then we give that track back to your composer, so he can work to that. I'm awaiting the singer's response and will let you know asap. I suggest as a precaution that you look at some other options - perhaps looking on Youtube for amateur female singers doing the kind of stuff that suits and try contacting them. You might also want to let the composer know about the timing issues - because it seems to me that if the backing track was in time, my contact would be willing to participate.

    1. Ok i'll start look at plan B singers and i have emailed George about the timing issue with the track.

  2. Hi again - okay, well, it looks as if the singer would be prepared to do you a vocal track; she says she's more Eva Cassidy than 'Big Momma', but I've heard her sing and she's pretty fab. From what I understand, the singer could give your composer the tempo at which she's singing - and then it could be matched up. The singer did say she would need between 1 week and 2, but I've made her aware of your deadline and I'm now awaiting confirmation etc. I'm hoping for something early next week for you, but she is very busy and she is doing us a favour. Worst comes to the worst, an unaccompanied vocal track certainly wouldn't be a terrible thing - could indeed prove rather stylish. Watch this space - concentrate on your Maya stuff and animation etc - control the bit you can control and don't look back, and don't fret - onwards, P-G, onwards! :)

  3. She's looking gorgeous Peta Gaye, the lips work and the tail looks great long. How is the rigging going? Have you tried attaching it to the model yet?