Saturday, 13 April 2013

New Background

I need to change my background because from feedback it was distracting the audiences eye from the main performance.I dulled down the original background and also did a new influence map to help me create new curtains for the stage. Please comment below on which one you think works the best



  1. Hey P-G,

    Personally, I think you CAN have that background, you just need to ensure that you use focal depth to blur it out, or you soften it, just so the background doesn't compete with the character. For me, the addition of the curtains steals some of the sophistication and glamour from your concept...

    Meanwhile, have had some contact with singer, and she's got some issues with the backing track, but she's going to confirm with me on Monday, so fingers crossed. I suggest, however, as precaution, that you do a bit of web searching for singers/musicians advertising their services - wouldn't hurt to have some back-up plans, right? :)

  2. Hello!
    I agree with Phil; you could try and 'unfocus' your original background to bring the singer forward more in the audiences eyes... if you did want to use one of the above images though, then I like number 1, just with the spotlight! :)