Saturday, 28 September 2013

Additional research

Initially we thought the direction we wanted to go in was to travel away from England and to explore the industrial revolution in different countries.One way in which I thought that we could do this was through the wars that occur in this time period, but after a discussion with our tutor we realised that we were drifted away from the focus of the industrial revolution and just focussing on the time period. We decided to continue to dig deeper into the industrial revolution I decided to explore any folklore and inventors of the time. Through my research I discovered that folklore wasn't the route that I think would be the best to go down. But the Inventors of the time would be a great way to sum up the industrial revolution an era that was pushing forward because of the inventions of great people. We have all decided to explore the topics that we found the most interesting and to create stories from these things. Then we will pick the story that we all agree to have the most potential. 

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