Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Group Idea

First photograph shows a man is sitting on a bench in the middle of the day the park is buzzing with people and children playing the man has his iPod plugged in and he is oblivious to the world around him. Another picture is placed on top of the previous photograph this time it’s in the afternoon there are less people, but the same man is still in the same position he still hasn’t moved. Another picture is placed on top this still shows the man in the park it’s night the lamps are on and the man is alone in the park. The picture then transforms into a 3D world, the camera zooms into the man’s iPod and the cover art for the album that he is listening to. The cover art is of a room from 1920 the camera pans around this room until it finds the radio, music is playing but it is interrupted by an announcement by Churchill. The footsteps of people running down the stairs to hear the announcement are heard as it zooms into the radio. The announcement is faded as the room fades into black the radio is stripped of its outer layer until the cogs in the inside are exposed. A picture still slides through and is projected onto the wall. The first image is of Edison designing the phonograph; the next image projected is of him caught on fire with the initial structure of the unfinished Phonograph. The last image is of a proud Edison with his very large Phonograph, the screen goes white as the flash of the camera is heard and the 2D photograph is now a 3D world and Edison moves his hand to play the phonograph playing Mary had a little lamb. 

As a group we sat down and came up with this idea we think that it still needs to be developed further but this the base of the story. 

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