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Story Ideas No.2

Story ideas part two      


A book placed on a table with the words Inventions that changed the world. A gust of wind flips the book open and onto the blue prints of the Diesel engine, from the pages of the book emerges the engineering room with a young Mr Diesel hard at work on his engine. He screws the last screw into place and puts his spanner on the table and reaches for the on button. The camera cuts to his finger as he presses the button then a loud bang is heard, the camera slowly pans up to his face that is covered in dirt his hair is standing on their ends and the tips are on fire. And both of his eyebrows have scorched off, the blackened ashes of his eyebrows fall to the ground. Mr Diesel is still in the same position that he was currently in since pressing the button. The screen then cuts to Mr Diesel’s attempt number two, he is hammering away at a part of the machine then stops. He pushes the on button a clunk can be heard then the camera pans up again only to reveal a small cog in the middle of his forehead, Mr Diesel then falls to the floor. The screen then cuts to stills of four different other events of Mr Diesel failing to start his machine. The fifth still has the words attempt fifty one, and then it plays. Mr Diesel has bandages over his eyebrows and the ends of his hair are still burnt. He has the red imprint of the cog that landed in his forehead and all of his fingers are covered in bandages and he has a crutch to help him walk because of his broken leg. He sighs and his face flinches in anticipation for what’s about to happen, the cogs can be heard turning on the engine. Mr Diesel jumps into the air out of happiness with his broken leg and the image freezes but the engine is still running and in motion.  The walls of the room fall back into the book with the rest of the engineering room the only things left on top of the book is    in air and the engine that is still running. The engine then forms into a train that surrounds Mr Diesel the sounds of the engine can still be heard and the engine forms into a train that moves around Mr Diesel. The train then morphs into a Ship circling Mr. Diesel, Mr. Diesel and the Ship then morphs back into the book.  The page shows a picture of a smiling Mr. Diesel accepting an award for inventor of the year.

The Phonograph

A box marked waste is left in a scrapyard, a young man finds the box as he walks by, and the scene skips to the young man inside his home. Sitting at the table with the phonograph on the table, and some other random components. He peers at the machine, and fiddles with it in his hands and turns the crank. It begins to play back beautiful music only it was a little fuzzy. The man leaves from the table and gets up to get his tool box; he unscrews the back and fiddles with the wiring then cranks it again. The music pours out smoothly and the camera zooms into the mouth of the phonograph. Then it zooms out again the young man is now on stage accepting an award for his new invention.  He lifts up the award but a man from the audience screams “You imposter, you fake! That is my invention”. The man replies “I don’t see your name on it.”  The phonograph name has been replaced with ‘Graph’ over the ‘Phon’ with a piece of paper and under it Edison’s name has been scribbled out and replaced with Alexander Bell. Edison rips off the paper and everyone gasps. They both reach for the machine but end up braking it, Edison puts it back together but it doesn’t play smoothly then Bell makes the same change that he previously made and it plays clearly again. They smile and shake hands and both accept the award for the invention. The people fade away but the Phonograph remains on a pedestal it morphs into a record disk a tape recorder then into a cd player with headphones then into an IPod then back into the Phonograph. The words shaping a generation appear and fade out as the screen fades to white.   

After discussing the Phonograph story with Kym and Alan we got to the core message of the Phonograph story. The issue that I wanted to express was that the Phonograph paved the way for other forms of equipment that plays music. This idea created the stories below I really like  Ideas 1 & 2, the below video is the idea that I am going for of showing the ageing of equipment. 

The evolution of the Phonograph

Idea 1

An IPod is on a table and a hand comes in to press play. The music starts to play and the IPod vibrates on the table and sprouts legs then arms. He jumps up and starts to dance and he begins to moon walk backwards, he starts to morph into a CD player he rounds off his edges and becomes bigger. He keeps walking backwards and morphs into a record player, he is now chunky and thick resembling a middle aged man. Finally he turns into a Phonograph the large machine with a long horn and he personifies the characteristics of an old man. The Phonograph stops walking and sits on the table, the legs invert into the object the Phonograph begins to play and the words ‘playing music since 1877’  are spoken and the first recording of Mary had a little lamb follows, after those words the screen then fades to white.

Idea 2

An anthropomorphic IPod walks into the middle of the screen he begins to do a popular dance that represents the current generation (i.e Gangnam style). Then the music changes to 80’s rock and he plumps up into a CD player with a Mohawk, he pumps his fist into the air and starts to shake his head. The music shifts into 60’s music and the CD player becomes large and fat begins to dance to the disco music. The object then continues to plump up and grows a large horn as he morphs in a Phonograph. The music stops and the Phonograph walks foreword. He sits down and cranks his handle playing the first words that were said on a phonograph Mary had a little lamb.

Idea 3

A record player is being played on a table, the music is playing loudly and the disc is spinning but as it plays dust starts to settle on it, the record stops playing and its moved to the end of a shelf. A CD player has replaced it, the music is playing loudly and the CD player is enjoying its life spreading music but slowly dust starts to settle on it. The object is then replaced by an IPod dock, the music starts to play and slowly we pan away from the IPod dock to the shelf of old electronics it pans past the CD player the record player and reveals the Phonograph at the very end of the shelf. The image then fades into white. 

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