Sunday, 19 January 2014

Adaptation part B- Festival Research

The festivals that I currently like at the moment are as followed; The  Obon festival, The Holi festival, The Jaisalmer Desert festival and the Songkran water festival. I would like some feedback on  what everyone else thinks about the festivals and which ones people likes because I only want to develop three festival characters.


  1. My top three are: The Japanese Obon Festival, The Monkey Buffet and The Holi Festival : D I would go for them!

    1. Thank you for commenting, i'm not too sure about the monkey buffet how would you approach this idea

  2. I rather like the Obon festival, Holi Festival, the Ice and Snow sculpture festival and the Songkra water festival. they each have great potential for character designs. (Personally I see the Obon character as a figure made entirely from lanterns. And the ice and snow character a ringing, clinking glassy looking figure. But that's just me!