Thursday, 30 January 2014

Adaptation part A- Colour test for the characters and background

I like the colour combination of A it was very hard to find a red and blue that complimented each other  currently I have colours that are  close to B but this is too dark and the C and D are too washed out. 


  1. Replies
    1. Phil do you think that C still looks like the british flag which is what I was trying to aim for.

  2. Just had a thought: if you're still interested in evoking a sort of 'old fashioned' world, have you considered an approach similar to this animation?

    Instead of flat colour, maybe your background and/or silhouettes could be patterned in a sort of English, chintzy style? Just a thought :)

    1. Thank you Phil I do like the feel of that animation and I am trying to evoke a sense of the info graphic being situated in the 50's I think I will play with some more textures and maybe some printed backgrounds also.

    2. you see, I think the very saturated blue/red is a bit 'aggressive' and probably not nostalgic enough for that 1950s feel. It's going to feel a bit too punky otherwise. A good way of pulling colour palettes for the 50s British vibe is to colour pick from period wallpaper and textiles:

      The thing about 1950s Britain was, actually, it was still quite dowdy after the austerity of the war. I think you need to 'frump' things up a bit in terms of your colour palette to nail the period and the feel.

    3. Thank you Phil I will have a look at some more wall papers to help with the colour palette