Sunday, 5 January 2014

Character project - Hero Progression

I first had to figure out my characters weapon which I decided to only be a Fukiya blowgun that shoots darts. I wanted her outfit to reflect a dangerous yet regal character because she is the next in line to her clan which makes her like royalty. Her weapon of choice I think also reflects this because it isn't going to inflict a lot of blood loss but a very quick and deadly sting that can kill or paralyse her opponents. 

I wanted her outfit to not be as aggressive as the villain she doesn't do a lot of hand to hand combat because her weapon allows her to attack her  opponents from a far. 

 I decided to go with the purple because it had royal connotations and it also has a dangerous connotation she is the good guy in the story but she can fight and hold her own as an arthurian ninja.

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