Sunday, 12 January 2014

Infographic research part 2

How To make your own ugly christmas sweater?

To first understand the Ugly christmas sweater  you must first understand the ugly sweater  trend of the 80's .  From what I have found the ugly sweater trend started with the Bill Cosby show, The main character wore a lot of oversize ugly sweaters image 1 is an example ( Bellis, 2014) The Cosby sweater is referred to in the urban dictionary as looking like someone who ate a lot of sweets and threw up and this is what a Cosby sweater should look like. ( Nicole & Eric, 2006) The First manufacturer for christmas sweaters was in the 80's the company went under the name  of  jingle bell sweaters .The Ugly christmas sweater was  not  intentionally made to be ugly but through time our perceptions of what is attractive and what is ugly has changed leaving it with the stigma of always being the ugly christmas sweater.

image 1
The Ugly christmas sweater is now on the rise in the 21st century with many people having ugly christmas sweater parties challenging their guest to come in the worst  christmas sweater they can find, for the adventurous who want to stand out they can go a step further and create their own original monstrosity. (Bellis, Mary 2014)

I collected a few images that show cases the Ugly christmas sweater and how much people have embraced this article of seasonal clothing. 

The infographic for this question would literally be a tutorial on how to create your own ugly chirstmas sweater for a party because all of the ugly christmas sweaters have been sold out. And it would demonstrate how to create the most elaborate home made ugly christmas sweater.

The art direction that this would focus around would used colour palette from 80's posters but with a graphical drawing style that is shown in image 2. 
Image 1

Image 2

Image 3
I'm still unsure about the style to go down for this infographic, if it is choosen as the final idea i will have to do more research on how to graphically portray the infographic. 


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