Sunday, 2 March 2014

Character development- Adaptation Part B

Below is the final body shape of the character he may potentially have a tail in his design also, but the character will be a set of three characters with the same body but different patterns. They will have different personalities to help identify each one and I hope that a few character facial expression sheet will help to illustrate their distinct personalities which  are greedy, lazy and happy/hyper they all share the common trait of all being hungry. 

I was testing out the idea of whether the character should have a tail or not because the character is able to climb trees and a tail would be able to balance out the creature. I like tail 11,12 , 2 and 3. 

I also liked the pattern on D,E,G,H,N,O and P for the pattern test I will need three patterns for the three characters. 

I just wanted to identify clearly what the paws on the creature looked like I really like A with longer nails like F. and I think depending on the patterns chosen for the three characters that pattern can also be imprinted into the pad in the centre of the paw also. 


  1. I really like tails 6,7 and 9, and paws A, D and F : )

  2. yep, I like them with tails - especially tail no 7 :) Paws = A (still cute, not savage).

    1. Phil whispers *student survey...* :)