Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Character Sheets

Character sheets for the three characters, I tried to get the personality of the characters to come across because they are very different and I wanted that to show in their body language and how they use their bodies.

I think that I have been able to capture the happy character correctly but I think the greedy character needs to be alot more grumpy and should always  have food in his possesion. I am currently in the process of doing the sheet for the lazy character and I will be uploading that sheet soon.

After my tutorial The characters are going to go through some small changes, the happy character is now a female character so I will be adding eyelashes to her design. and the Greedy character will be growing in size so that he is plumper than the others.

The greedy character 

The greedy Character

I think in sheet two I have been able to capture  the direction the Greedy character will be going in with bigger cheeks and  more of  a rounded body, like in the sitting position of him munching on some leaves. 

The Happy character 

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  1. Poses for the happy one are definitely working : D So adorable!