Sunday, 16 March 2014

Environment Progression

Environment progression

I zoomed into the scene and tried to light the environment also so that the scene felt like there is a focal point. In the mid ground where I will pose the characters who have found the special leaf  has the spring energy trapped inside of it.


  1. really like this, P-G! So much depth - but i think you need to get some light/shadow pattern on that very dark bit of tree in the bottom left corner - at the moment, it's a bit dead right now - in fact, if you're going to have some foreground elements like that, I'm wondering if we need to see it much more so as a branch - as a more definite element.

  2. Beautiful work Peta-gaye...I love the style and can't wait to see it alive. It reminds me of the work of a concept artist called John Watkiss. He may be worth looking at to see how you could compose the image and push that beautiful painterly style.