Sunday, 27 April 2014

@Alan texturing Problem

Two out of my three characters after being Rigged no longer were UV mapped, I googled to find out if I could copy the Uv textures and found that I could do this in the transfer attributes. The problem now is that the character looks ok when it is in the centre of the Grid but if i open the characters mouth or move him in the translates the texture slides off. What can I do to fix this ? 


  1. The problem is the transfer node you've created. Try....Delete by type - Non-Deformer History

    1. Hi Alan I tried to do what you said but the models face is now deforming and the texture is still sliding if the model

  2. Ok, the history needs deleting but you are unable too. Import your UV'd model...bind (select all joints / 5 influences etc)...copy weights across.