Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Character Design: The Son 01

The Son is about four or five old enough to understand that strangers are dangerous but still at that age where his father could still cradle him in his arms if he were sick. To the left is the influence map for the son he is based on German children from the 1800's.

The body shape that I think will work best for the son is no.4 or no.6 because the son should be small and look a little feeble.

We wanted the son to have an outfit that really represented the german romantic period. I really liked the lederhosen in E and with the boots of A which was combined in image F.

The head that I think best fits the son is A2 he looks as though he would want to stay with his father and would be a little pouty making his father ignore him when he complains. 

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