Monday, 29 December 2014

The Horse: Skinned and Facial Rig Completed

I had to redo the front legs because the pole vector was no longer working. I also gave the horse teeth and tongue controls 

The Reins gave me a few problems and I know that it is temporary because it still needs to do more in terms of the rig that I have applied. The image to the right was my first attempt but it failed to work in terms of its functionality. The Rig to the left is what I made to replace it it is temporary and because its functionality needs to be able to connect and flow with the head as well as give the rider the freedom to move it also. 

I also gave the horse a facial rig that added into the pose library the nose flare. 

I also gave the horse lip curl controls 

Final Completed Rig and Skinned 


  1. Well done PG...Whats the plan regarding texturing all of your characters? Will they be completed by hand in?