Saturday, 24 November 2012

Development of my final piece

I created a few more possible concepts image 1 and 2 and then I decided to work on the image that I got the most positive feedback on.Image 1 gave me the idea of having Gaia as negative space in the back wall of my image in image 3 and 4. 
image 1

image 2
Development of final Image 
image 3 Development of final image 

image 4 Development of final image lighting 1
In image 4 i'm not sure if the lighting is correct i'm going to do a few more variations. 


  1. Hey Peta-gaye,

    I think this iteration of your lair is much more 'spatial' now - but perhaps you could use lighting to tighten up some of these components - i.e. pull them out of the general brown tones and make your architectural elements a bit stronger?

  2. I really love the water colour paper texture look to your piece. I definitely agree with Phil, I think you can make certain colours pop out more. good work :)