Friday, 23 November 2012

Initial ideas for the secret Lair after my OGR

After the online Green light review I started to sketch more elements to add to my scene, to make the space feel filled with elements that the Jurassic Priestess would have in her lair.
In this drawing focussing on the top left hand corner  I thought about having steps  that lead up where the priestess might worship the Gods. I also thought making the fire God more of an object and not just a light source which is the meshed ball with a yellow rim around it.

I also started to think about maybe adding an old nest of hatchlings with broken shells and withered foliage.The three Sketches below the nest were initial ideas for a wind chime that could represent the wind God. 

More Wind chimes ideas 
 I decided that I wanted feathers on my wind chimes to incorporate the factor that my Priestess is half bird I wanted her feathers to be very vivid and bright to add more colour to my scene. 


 I started to work on top of my sketches that I did at the natural history museum of fossils to create a space using those drawings for my lair. Below I wanted to use the fossilised fins of a creature as the entrance of a cave for my fire God. 

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