Sunday, 11 November 2012

Pagan Gods

Pagan gods

The gods all represent the three theories of how the Jurassic period ended, I wanted three gods to represent each one. The fire god would represent the basalt eruptions, the wind god would represent climate change and the earth god would represent the meteors hitting the earth.

Fire god : Zhu Rong
A God who helped create the heavens and the earth and lives in the southern parts of the heavens. (Chinese Mythology,1999) I like the fact that this god helped to create the earth he links with Gaia who is the protector of the earth, the that that he created the earth means that he can destroy it if he wishes.

Wind god: Amun
His name means “hidden one”(lindemans,2012) and he is originally an Egyptian god, I think that I want to make him out of smoke or incense.

Earth god: Gaia
She is the protector of the earth described to be like mother nature, Gaia or Gaea is “known as earth or mother earth”(Leadbetter,2012) thought that having Gaia as one of the gods that the priestess worships would be fitting because the earth is still a child in a metaphoric sense its still developing and it needs to be nurtured into adulthood.

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