Sunday, 11 November 2012

Survival Kit for the priestess

Survival kit for the Priestess

I was thinking about what the Priestess would need to prepare for the cretaceous period and searched to find out about what survival kits should contain and thought about what my priestess would have in her survival kit.

Survival kit for a natural disaster:
A recommended Survival kit, sourced from How to Prepare for a natural disaster survival kit.
Water-3 day supply
Food -3 day supply
Can opener
Camping stove or BBQ with gas cylinder
Cooking (Pot ,pan ect),utensils(knife , fork, plates)
First aid kit
Battery operated radio (spare batteries)
Waterproof clothing and hat
Sturdy footwear
Sunglasses and sunscreen
Sleeping bags and blankets
Toys for small children
Special medical equipment for people with disabilities
(Yellow How to,2009)

The Priestesses Survival kit
Magic scroll, because this is the tool that the gods uses to communicate with her.
Important documents passed down from ancestors
No need for food, water or shelter the gods will provide

Yellow How to,(2009).How to survive a natural disaster. At: Accessed on [08.11.2012] 

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