Sunday, 11 November 2012


Character Biography

The Jurassic priestess is part bird and part human a spiritual creature that worships the gods of fire, wind and earth in her lair. She is preparing for the cretaceous period because she has been warned by the gods , that the Jurassic period is going to come to an end . The dinosaurs have played their part in history and its time to create a world that human civilisation can handle. The Gods have shown mercy on the priestess telling her how to survive the coming apocalypse because she is a faithful servant to the Gods.
The walls of her dwellings have drawings showing how to worship the Gods and depictions of the Gods with altars to pray. There are fossils embedded in the walls and a survival kit to how the priestess will protect herself through the cretaceous period.
The Jurassic Priestess stems from a generation of priestesses, she was taught how to worship the gods and lives a very peaceful life. Her people came to being due to an asteroid hitting the earth in the early Triassic period, the asteroid contained a life source in the form of an energy ball it scanned the area on earth to find the best life form to inhabit the Archaeopteryx. Fusing its DNA with the creature it became half human half bird. Mating with the archaeopteryx, and having a nest where one out of the batch would be half bird half human the others would be normal birds and abandoned. The priestess would then nurture the young hatchling until adulthood where it would take the place of the new Priestess.
The Gods wanted a way to communicate with the priestess and have it documented so they created a scroll out of the amber that poured out of the trees. This scroll is sacred and documents the knowledge and instructions that the Gods give the Priestess.


  1. I like the story! Great idea with preapring your priestess for the end of jurassic period : )

  2. Your character is really interesting! The embedded fossils are something that really works on my imagination, and it could be a nice idea to perhaps scale these fossils and use remains of larger dinosaurs?

    I also love the scroll that is created out of amber. The visual imagery that it creates is very vibrant and could provide to be a really effective element within your scene :D

    1. thank you for the idea hpw is your project going, i really love your character of this evil dictator