Sunday, 11 November 2012

Secret Lairs: Cinematic References

Jurassic Priestess

Animated concepts of the Jurassic era

The Flintstones series combines a lot of Jurassic animals in this animation although its not, historically correct to have humans and dinosaurs together this animation is still highly entertaining. The houses are very blocky and the interiors are made from rock the hard stone reflects the the limitation of material in that era shown in figure 1. The animals also become apart of the furniture, this is a part of animation that i loved because it brought inanimate objects literally to life like the garbage disposal in figure 2.




The Land Before time uses lighting and colour in an amazing way, and i think that i can learn a lot from this animation about lighting and colour everything looks so vivid and it lures you into the animation.


Ice Age Dawn of the dinosaurs, we venture into a preserved section of the jurassic age, the landscape and scenery is a high contrast to the ice age that we are use to in this film series. This very warm moist landscape looks just like the description of the late jurassic era rich with vegetation and conifers.

Live action 

People that time forgot, One million years BC and The Land that time forgot are all films with similar scenery, rocks and folage are dominant in the scene. It has the of trying to be as close to reality as possible.

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