Thursday, 17 January 2013

Character Biographies: Storytelling and commission

I'm still uncertain about which story to focus on so i've done the character biographies for all of the potential scripts i'm interested in doing. 

Idea 5 (alternative ending 1)

Brief synopsis: A shady plastic surgeon acquires a plastic surgery machine that is missing its ball bearings resulting in creating beautiful perfectly preserved dead people. He decides to sell them as mannequins but storing the preserved people in his home drives him crazy ending in suicide.

Character Biography for the Surgeon

Chris Baldwing has always been a shady character, always trying to take shortcuts out of actually working hard. He uses everyone and anyone and never thinks about the consequences of his actions. He covers up his greedy personality to gain trust from others but underneath his eerie smile is a truly devious character. He became a plastic surgeon only for the high paycheque , he isn’t really interested in how to make people beautiful. He squanders his money on late night shopping channels buying mostly miscellaneous things that he thinks he’s getting for a bargain.

Idea 5 (alternative ending 2)

Brief synopsis: A shady plastic surgeon acquires a plastic surgery machine that is missing its ball bearings resulting in creating beautiful perfectly preserved dead people. He decides to sell them as mannequins storing them in his home, but falls in love with one of them eventually putting him self inside the machine making himself preserved so that he can stand by the woman forever.

Character Biography for the surgeon

Chris Baldwing a lonely surgeon who spends his nights watching shopping channels. He’s always had a problem with talking to the opposite sex but adores beauty and making people beautiful. He’s a greedy character and tries to make money in every aspect of his life. He grew up as a middle child and his parents affection always seemed to gravitate to his other siblings leaving him forgotten, so he learnt how to survive on his own which made him very selfish and greedy.

Idea 6

Brief synopsis:  A man obsessed with making his wife perfect sets up a plastic surgery appointment to try a new treatment after she has gained weight. The machine malfunctions making his wife dead but beautifully preserved . Although she’s dead her husband is very happy with the result, taking her home to admire.

Character Biographies

The Husband

A man who has been obsessed with beauty and perfection, he sees his wife as a blank canvas for him to make perfect. He doesn’t really love her but tolerates her because she submits to his every whim. He himself is a very unattractive man,who cares only about his needs and his wants. He thinks of himself as a dictator in his home and his word is final.

The Wife

A very submissive character who doesn’t know how to stand up for herself. She’s afraid of her husband and believes that she couldn’t find anyone better, so stays with him under his subjective rule. She has always been insecure about her looks and has transformed into a physically beautiful person on the outside due to her husbands dictatorship over her consumption of food to the way she should dress everyday.

For the full stories you can find them posted under Storytelling and commission Potential Script Ideas: Idea 5 and 6 with alternative endings 


  1. Out of all these three I like idea two the most! The ending is so dramatic! :O

  2. Hey Peta-gaye :)

    Okay - I really like this latest twist - the husband putting himself through the machine so he can remain with his wife forever - suddenly, your story takes on an almost romantic tone! I'm slightly concerned, however in regard to your running time and being able to communicate everything; do you need the mannequins, I wonder? Also, it suddenly seems as if the wife might be the one driving him to operate on her all the time - and it's she who pressurises him to use the machine.

    For example:

    Gorgeous looking woman marries average-looking plastic surgeon (perhaps their eyes meet over her first nose-job or something!). She is terrified of growing old - and she always wants more treatment, but he says he loves her just the way she is, but because he loves her he always does what he is told. Finally she makes him buy state of art anti-ageing machine - which malfunctions - she comes out as she used to be, but dead preserved. Heart-broken and lonely, he changes his clinic to a taxidermist shop; he's lost his status and now he too is getting old (he keeps remembering his glory days with his wife, so he goes through the machine so he can at least be with her again...

    The point is that his decision to go through the machine too changes his character - at least for me - suddenly, your plastic surgeon seems a bit more sympathetic now, which opens up some new opportunities; it's still going to be a bit creepy, but it's going to be creepy/sad. The idea of him becoming a lowly taxidermist in response to his wife's death is a nice visual way of describing his depression perhaps? Anyway, I look forward to reading your final thoughts as part of the OGR :)