Saturday, 19 January 2013

Storytelling and commission: Potential script ideas

I feel like i'm closing in on an idea i've written up two more ideas in response to Tutor Phil's comment and these stories are very similar in their storyline but use different characters. Any feedback is welcomed also could you comment on what script is liked more. Thank you. 

Idea 7

A husband obsessed with making his wife look perfect takes control of her life deciding what make up she wears to what hairstyle she has. After the birth of their child she gained a lot of weight and he was determined to get her back in shape quickly so he decided to book her in for the newest plastic surgery procedure. While his wife was in the machine the ball bearings slipped out of the machine and it malfunctioned. His wife came out looking the best that she had ever looked but she was dead and perfectly preserved. The Doctor in charge was nervous about what the husband would say but to his surprise the husband was ecstatic that she looked like his perfect vision of her, he didn’t mind that she was dead. He paid the surgeon and took his wife home and set her up in his living room so that he could admire her. Her husband decided to commemorate the happy occasion by taking a picture with his dead wife with her baby in her arms. As the days went by he started to miss her company and the conversations they use to have. He realized that having her perfect and dead was the worst thing to ever happen to him. He now had to look after the baby by himself and he had no one to cook his meals. He grew lonely and decided that he couldn’t go on alone anymore so he booked another appointment with the plastic surgery that had turned into a Taxidermist. He wanted to be preserved so that he could stand by his wife’s side forever.

Idea 8

A plastic surgeon falls in love with one of his patients although they had a very large age gap. She was 65 and he was 28 but she didn’t look a day over 25, he had done all of her procedures and fell in love with the woman that she became. They got married but her obsession to stay beautiful and young meant that she would push him to continue doing surgical procedures on her. The newest plastic surgery craze came out a machine that could preserve beauty forever making you look amazing in under 10 minutes. She pushed him to get the machine and reluctantly he did to make her happy. She had to be the first to try the machine but it malfunctioned making her look amazing but she was dad and perfectly preserved. The surgeon was distressed and lost his credibility. He changed his surgery into a Taxidermist and for many years preserved many animals. He kept his wife in his office but he grew old and lonely. He decided he couldn’t live a mournful life anymore stepping into the machine so that he could be young and preserved forever standing side by side with his wife.


  1. I like story number two more, althought if you had the creepy dinner idea in the first one this could make quite a scary ending.
    I suppose it's now up to you to decide which one you prefer more, as both of them seem really good :)

  2. I think if you were going to stick with number 7 then you have to end it at the point the guy takes a photo with the dead preserved wife and leave it there. (Don't think badly of me) but it is great creepy funny ending. Or like Sam says use the creepy dinner idea. Maybe he could be having a conversation with her... a very one sided one...! They're great Peta Gaye! i can't wait to see the animatics!