Monday, 21 January 2013

Premise, Logline and Step outline

Beauty obsessions can cause fatalities

A surgeon falls in love with a client, her obsession with renovating her body causes her death. The Surgeon heartbroken and alone commits suicide in an attempt to be closer to her.

Step outline

We witness an elderly woman in her 60’s undergo numerous cosmetic procedures to make her look young. She’s successful and her surgeon falls in love with her asking her to marry him.

Now married to the surgeon the woman gets free procedures, and wants her husband to perform the latest surgical procedure on her.

The machine malfunctions the woman comes out beautiful but she’s preserved and dead.

The surgeon looses his credibility turning his surgery into a taxidermist, after many years he decides to enter the machine so that he can stay preserved with his wife.


  1. I'm not quite sure if the way you did the step outline is correct :I
    I think it needs to be more like a general description of the scenes you are going to show in your pre-viz :I

    maybe looking through this website could help you a little bit?