Saturday, 19 January 2013

The character biographies for Idea 8 and the script: Storytelling and Commission

These character biographies go with idea 8 and the script that i've posted. 

The Surgeon

A man who loves to make people beautiful, he’s got a very soft nature and fines it hard to say no to people. He falls in love with an elderly woman who was once his nursery school teacher Miss Stella Gleanburg . As a young child he would always make sure to behave and bring her an apple. He was definitely a teacher’s pet, and was proud of it too. He had a 9:00 o’clock appointment for a woman to have liposuction, he was surprise to see her walk into his surgery and take a seat on his table. He was still fond of her even though she in her 60’s, and was happy to mould her back into the woman he fell in love with in nursery. 

Stella Gleanburg

Stella Gleanburg is a 65 year old retired nursery school teacher, she was once married but her husband had passed away leaving her a lot of money. She decided that she needed a new start and a new life and the first thing she had to change was her appearance. She booked an appointment to have liposuction she was so happy with the result that she decided that she had to change everything about herself until she looked like she did at 25. She grew obsessive and fell in love with the surgeon that transformed her back into a younger version of herself. 

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