Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Storytelling and Commission: Influence Maps

Initial Influence Maps 

I picked at random the words cosmetic surgery clinic, taxidermist and ball bearings, I had to look up the definitions of  taxidermist and ball bearings to understand the possible script ideas I could create. I then had a brain storming session with a group and thought of some interesting ideas, some good and some bad I found ball bearing as the word that was being pushed to the side until we came up with the idea of making the ball bearings into a machine. The Influence maps below are initial responses to the words, so that I can visually identify what they are and how I could potentially use them to mould my script. 

Cosmetic Surgery Influence Map 
Ball bearing definition:
Ball bearings have two definitions on the free dictionary , the first is "A friction-reducing bearing consisting essentially of a ring-shaped track containing freely revolving hard  metal balls against which a rotating shaft or other part turns."(Farlex,s.d) The second meaning is a "hard ball used in such a bearing."(Farlex,s.d) 

Ball bearing Influence Map 
Taxidermist definition:
A taxidermist is someone who prepares, stuffs and mounts the skin of dead animals to a life like effect. The Greek  translation means the arrangement of skin. (Farlex,s.d)
Taxidermist Influence Map 

Farlex.(s.d).The Free Dictionary. At: (Accessed on 

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