Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Storytelling and commission: Potential script ideas and character Biographies

When thinking about the script I looked at what the words have in common a plastic surgeon tries to preserve beauty in people and a taxidermist tries to preserve animals. Both things seek to preserve things, the only difference is that taxidermist do it when an animal is dead, and plastic surgeons do it on people who are alive. So the connecting component has to be the ball bearings. These are the two main ideas that I could think of after brain storming with friends. 

Idea 1 

An overweight woman walks to her favourite cake shop as she stares at the new pastiseries in the display cabinet . She catches her reflection in the window and is sighs as she looks at her  weight gain over the years. She takes a deep breath, and sucks her stomach in, turning to see herself from the side. She smiles at this drastic change but then realises that she can’t hold her breath in for much longer. She exhales and the sudden force sends her button off into the air.THUD. a dead pigeon lies motionless in the distance. She turns towards the sound and sees a beautiful woman leaving the Harvey Plastic Surgery Clinic. Her eyes focus on the sign out side of the surgery.
Do you need to loose 50 pounds?
Are your grey hairs revealing your years?
Do you need to turn back time?
Then use the Plasto Mato it takes you back to your golden years
She didn’t need to read anymore she was inside the surgery with her robe on, the surgeon asked if she had paid the fee. She nodded, and he then walked her over to an usual machine and prompted her to stand inside of it. The machine door closed and the sound of clashing and scraping and waxing fills the room. The surgeon then turns to his secret volt where he decides to count his earnings for the day. A pound coin rolls out of the safe and down into the mechanics of the machine loosening the ball bearings. The machine goes crazy then finally stops letting out a red gas. The smoke clears and the machine doors open, the lady appears no different than when she arrived only now she had spray tan everywhere and her hair now looked like a bird could live in it. She looked to her left and the surgeon was frozen in his steps with her money in his hands.She walks out taking her money with her.
A month later the plastic surgery clinic has the word Taxidermist painted over the words Plastic surgery clinic. The frozen surgeon is now a part of the window display holding up a new sign that reads
You never have to let your pets or loved ones go… 

Character Biographies for Idea 1 

I thought about the character biographies after I had written the story and I think that their profiles match the characters in the story well

Margret Cathworth

A single unmarried woman about to turn 40, she has 9 cats and likes to take her favourite cat tipsy out for walks. She was a very beautiful woman in her teens but has let herself go after the death of her cat misty five years ago. She’s a bubbly person with a quirky personality.
Likes: Cats, cakes and baking
Dislikes: Dogs

Doctor Cooper Harvey
A plastic surgeon, that has bought the newest piece of equipment for his clinic. The machine the Plasto mato is the latest in plastic surgery and is equip with the ability to perform any plastic surgery asked of it. Dr Harvey is greedy and only focuses on people’s imperfections so that he can make money from them. He has a fixation with the preservation of beauty and believes that his job is helping those who are not perfect.  

Idea 2

A female plastic surgeon obsessed with the idea of creating the perfect man grafts the leftover skin from her patience to a robot. Her perfect man then develops feelings for the surgeon’s receptionist leaving the Surgeon heartbroken. She decides to take his ball bearings out in revenge to destroy the robot. 

Character Biography for Idea 2 

Dr Sarah welding (Plastic surgeon)

Sarah from a child has always liked the idea of mending things and keeping things in perfect condition. After her pet hamster chilli died when she was eight her family were sad at the thought of her being distressed, so  her father a taxidermist thought that he would stuffed the hamster in perfect condition to make her happy .  He was right , it made her ecstatic , she’s 32 and still has that hamster to this day. Sarah’s obsession with things being perfect equip her for the job as a plastic surgeon, she could be in an environment that means that she can fix a persons imperfections. Sarah’s search for perfection in everything , lead to her wanting to create the perfect mate. She learnt about taxidermy from her father so she knew how to preserve skin.

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